Strive for progress, not perfection.

It's not about looking perfect, it's about progressing your health and improving your life. Hear what some of our clients have to say about how Elite Fitness Group helped transform their bodies and ultimately teach them to always be conditioned.


It is no secret I have always battled with my weight. It wasn't until the end of August 2012 when I experienced a health issue, that I knew it was time to make some serious lifestyle changes. Chris and Elite Fitness Group helped me do just that. Yes, training can be tough, but with Elite Fitness Group, I've never been more motivated to stay focused on results.

As of today, I am achieving results which I never once imagined possible for myself. I've been able to lose 80 lbs in 19 wpxeeks with excellent training, support and knowledge provided to me by Chris, and Elite Fitness Group on a weekly basis. It truly has saved my life.


I used to be that girl at the gym who only did cardio and endless crunches hoping to achieve that lean, toned physique for my wedding.

Working out with Chris and Elite Fitness Group, my body made a complete physical change in only 8 weeks. Chris was always there to support and encourage me through the challenging workouts, which made me feel comfortable to push myself.

Not only did Elite Fitness Group help me achieve my goal, but training with them also increased my strength, decreased my body fat percentage by 10% and gave me confidence in the gym to workout alongside all those big, muscly dudes! I'm in the greatest shape I've ever been in and Elite Fitness Group has given me the tools and knowledge to continue this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.


Before getting in touch with Chris and Elite Fitness Group, I didn't have much luck progressing in the gym and would quickly plateau with my routines.

Elite Fitness Group set me up with custom routines and meal plans that helped me reach goals of getting stronger, getting bigger and getting cut. I was blown away. Each plan was designed to challenge me as well as work on my weak points. Every plateau was surpassed.

I used to weigh 140lbs. and now I'm sitting at 155lbs. while staying lean. I am forever grateful to Elite FItness Group and recommend them to anybody.